The Last Bus

Tom (five-time BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall), an elderly man, is shaken from the loss of his wife Mary (Phyllis Logan). He decides the best way to overcome his grief is to hit the road, but his method of transport is something of a surprise.

Using his free bus pass, Tom sets out to travel from John o’ Groats to Land’s End (his wife’s hometown), carrying her ashes alongside him in a small suitcase.

On his cross-country journey he meets plenty of local colour and by the end of it, he’s a celebrity.

A touching, original road movie with plenty of heart, The Last Bus more than proves the old saying that it’s about the journey, not the destination.

An elderly man, Tom (Spall), whose wife has just passed away uses only local buses on a nostalgic trip to carry her ashes all the way across the UK to Land’s End, where they originally met, using his free bus pass.


Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan, Grace Calder

Gillies MacKinnon



Run Time

86 min